In pre-European times the North Island saddleback (Tieke) thrived on the native bush clad riverbanks of the Waikato. One such area is the land occupied by what was Lochiel Golf Club.

When Lochiel and neighbouring Narrows Golf Clubs merged and set about re-imagining the course at Mystery Creek they turned to PAN to ideate the brand.

The result is the Tieke Golf Estate, a wonderful golf experience, with its world class course carved from the alluvial river sands of the original Waikato river bed. An amazing place to visit, play and enjoy golf, good company, great food and wine.

From brand to website and wayfinding the PAN studio is immensely proud of the history, design and community involved in the Tieke story.

95a Collingwood Street
Hamilton, 3204
New Zealand

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