iCLAW Culliney Partners are a boutique legal practice, servicing the Waikato and Auckland areas in both corporate and commercial property development. Senior Partner, Owen Culliney and his practice partner Aasha, worked together as a team in law firms prior and felt it was the right time to create their own style of practice.

Previously leaning on established brands, Owen and Aasha needed their own brand; something suited to the industry, but also moving toward their progressive style of commercial law. Relying heavily on the continuity of fees, the pair required something they could confidently and immediately launch.

PAN designers set about considering the traditional vs progressive style of commercial law that Owen and Aasha deliver. Dot com availability was widely researched and secured, developing the iCLAW brand into a strong institutional style with scope to develop beyond borders.

iCLAW embodies technological progress, has a strong legal professional identity and a brand persona around being ‘a firm with claws’, which works well as an internal message, being assertive, decisive and direct.

The brand was immediately accepted as a player in the sector with the big 4 firms acknowledging iCLAW Culliney Partners with collegial respect. PAN and iCLAW share a vision for the brand to be the vehicle for an international professional services and are currently working together to execute that vision.

From literally a standing start, iCLAW has far exceeded its first-year financial aspirations and has tripled in size over its first 4 months in private practice.

"Graeme, Kenny and the team at PAN, swung into action and we were up and moving with purpose within days. We’re rightly proud of the iCLAW brand, messaging, website, and the course PAN has set us on."

Owen Culliney, Senior Partner

If you have big brand aspirations and a burning desire to work with PAN’s progressive marketing team contact; Sam, Kelli, or Morgan to discuss just how far PAN can take you.

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