When Australasian Communications Technology and Automation company Vibe Communications briefed PAN it was clear radical change was required.

Vibe had evolved over 10 years into Vibe Communications in New Zealand and Intellipath, a Vibe product brand in the Australian market.

A clear case of a fragmented brand without clear digital or social strategy now wanted to take on the world. Vibe, Intellipath, whatever they called themselves, needed help.

PAN took the client through a series of robust and challenging workshops to establish the right path and set about to search the globe for a succinct brand that could be worked to encapsulate the core of Vibe’s proposition and culture.

PAN filtered through a multitude of workable options and ultimately landed on Devoli; sufficiently european sounding to project an established global tech brand. The next challenge was to visually represent exactly what Devoli do. They code.

The team of incredibly smart developers at Devoli spend their time automating and innovating in the communications sector. Making the internet more accessible to big business and creating efficiencies that give organisations an edge.

PAN considered the challenge and created a steampunk solution which invites the customer into the alternate reality of a modern day developer. The steampunk style of illustration lets surreality do the talking.

PAN rebranded the Vibe product range into the fantasy style of steampunk with names like: Articulor, Vumeda, Granulier and Cephor. When the business development team needed customer gifts for a conference in Hawaii, PAN sent them off with Devoli branded steampunk fob watches and steampunk inspired Hawaiian shirts.

Pan are now working alongside Devoli to fit out the companies new Auckland premises.

A much loved PAN client, continually delivering exciting projects.

95a Collingwood Street
Hamilton, 3204
New Zealand

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